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Those arrested for drunk driving (DUI) are seldom hardened criminals. They are typically law-abiding citizens who do not deserve jail time or other serious punishments. In the event that you or a loved one is arrested for DUI, you need a lawyer who knows the law, knows the system and knows how to get the best possible results.

David Zellis has over 30 years experience handling thousands of DUI cases, both as the First Assistant District Attorney for Bucks County and as a successful criminal defense attorney. Dave's experience both as a prosecutor and defense attorney has given him the ability to look at cases from both perspectives identifying strengths and weaknesses of prosecution cases by conducting and analyzing a thorough investigation of all the factual details of your arrest and assessing the merits of challenging your arrest.

All is not lost if you have submitted to Field Sobriety Testing, a Portable Breath Test, Blood/Chemical Test or have even admitted to consuming alcohol or drugs. An experienced DUI lawyer may be able to establish that law enforcement did not have probable cause to make the traffic stop and that the officer's observations of the field sobriety tests and chemical tests (breath and blood tests) are flawed or were not administered properly.

Dave is from Bucks County, he has established an excellent and respected reputation with police officers, prosecutors and judges. He is rooted in the area with an expertise in the law and the court system.

The consequences of a DUI can be life-altering. In addition to substantial fines, you could face prison time and the long-term loss of your driver's license putting your employment at risk. At Zellis Law, we will be able to lead you through the legal maze and work hard to get you the best possible results by reducing fines, reducing charges, and avoiding prison time. We will represent you in court during every step in the process with respect and compassion.

"I was arrested and charged with D.U.I. after driving through a D.U.I. checkpoint. I felt I had been treated unjustly during the incident and wanted to fight the charges. So after digging around on the Internet and getting some suggested names from a colleague, I found Mr. Zellis and I'm very glad I did. Dave listened to my story and stayed completely unbiased even though I had a prior D.U.I./ARD from years ago. Together we built the case based on all the facts and Dave fought hard to prove that my constitutional rights had been violated. After filing a motion to suppress [and a hearing], the Judge ruled in my favor and all charges were dismissed with no appeal from the state!  Dave is a wonderful lawyer, well connected in the county, professional, courteous, highly skilled and, last but not least, an all around great guy. I would highly recommend his services to any friend in need!"

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The consequenses can be life-altering.
ZELLIS LAW has the knowledge, experience and reputation to
get the best possible results for you.