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Dave is an excellent lawyer who did a great job representating me during my case. He really knows what he's doing inside of a courtroom. His professionalism and expertise really made me feel at ease during the whole process. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome in my case... all charges dropped!! He is also completely affordable and willing to work with you as far as a payment schedule for his services. Thanks again, Dave! I would have been lost without you! 

Posted by Eric

January 21, 2019


I wish I could give 10 stars! I was assaulted by my soon to be ex who scratched me to hell and pushed me down the stairs. I went for a restraining order against her and surprise  she said I hit her, and I was subsequently charged with assault and harassment. David cared, talked me off the ledge, didn't over promise, but set me at ease. I was adamant not to take a plea (they would drop assault and give probation on harassment). David didn't push me one way or the other, but was completely supportive in my decision for a trial. He was amazing at trial, setting up my ex in lie after lie, destroying her credibility, and getting evidence admitted after hours of arguments from the state not to allow it. "Not guilty" on all counts was the verdict. Regarding finances, David is quite reasonable, even generous. The state didn't show up to the preliminary hearing and the charges were initially dismissed. When the state re-filed the charges David did not charge me a penny for the second hearing...I understand you could argue that either way, I was pleased I didn't have to. David is a stand up guy and great attorney. If you're reading this and don't retain his services allow me to say "told you so" now!


Posted by Mike                           

September 14, 2018 


"From the start, David was very interested in my case and was determined to help me set things right. At our consultation he was honest, insightful and beyond helpful with advice on subjects that I knew very little about. He already had a plan of action and helped me weigh out every possible outcome to help me understand what the end result may be. I was so confident in him that I hired him within the hour of our first consultation. His knowledge helped us in court and helped guide me in my everyday life! I liked his ethics so much that I had a very close family member of mine hire him for her legal needs as well. He has been a light in our dark times and we are ever so grateful that he came so highly recommended by multiple friends of mine. David made this process so much smoother than the rocky road that I was headed down before I met him. He kept my head on straight, my woes at bay and was available for input and assistance whenever I needed him. What a relief it has been to have David on my side!" - B - 


"David Zellis did a fantastic job this morning with only a few hours notice. David - thanks so much for your help and negotiation. I could see that you are very much respected by the Court. Thanks again! Thanks again David!"     - “T” -


"You have truly helped us to get through a very stressful and life changing event and wanted to let you know that without your help, we may have very well been in a different set of circumstances today.  So, thank you."   -"M"-


"Thank you for all of your hard work in representing me. Thanks for a great job." -H-


"The penalties attached to my crime called for an almost mandatory jail sentence. From the first Mr. Zellis met with me and went over the whole incident in great detail, the prospects did not look promising. Mr. Zellis met with my wife and I and mapped out a plan for my defense. He was compassionate and understanding. He was always available shoud we have any questions. We never felt we were being rushed out of his office. We feel Mr. Zellis made a very stressful and painful process much less so. Mr. Zellis guided me step by step through the whole process, often making recommendations that might help in my defense. His guidance was 'right on the money' and the sanctions were much less than I ever expected. I feel Mr. Zellis' experience and expertise with the system were the main factor in the positive outcome of my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone with a legal problem"  - "S"-


"Just want to drop a quick note to say I recieved a copy of your newsletter and am once again heartened by your approach to criminal defense law. Please know that my family and I are forever grateful for your help and personal investment in our community. I think of you often and give prayers of gratitude and ask for guidance on how I too may help in this terrible affliction of drug/alcohol addiction that now plagues our culture."  - " L" -


In regards to my needs I firmly believed I was in good hands. Mr. Zellis worked hard and

effectively on my behalf. Also as a person he is friendly, kind and approachable. If you are

looking for great representation and results Zellis Law is your answer.



I chose Zellis Law for my son because of a recommendation from a trusted friend and I am so

glad I did. My son was treated with dignity and respect at all times and that meant a lot. I would

highly recommend David.

Thanks for being more than just an attorney.



David Zellis was extremely responsive to my legal needs. He was so helpful in explaining the

process and my legal expectations. I could not be happier with my choice of choosing Zellis Law

to represent to represent me.



I met with and spoke to many other attorneys and I was very impressed with your counsel and

knowledge. Other attorneys seemed to be more concerned with money. I felt your services were

excellent and you did an excellent job with my case. Thanks for the great work.



Hi Dave:

just want to drop a quick note to say I received a copy of your newsletter and am

once again heartened by your approach to criminal defense law.

Please know that my family and I are forever grateful for your help and personal

investment in our community.

I think of you often and give prayers of gratitude and ask for guidance on how I too

may help in this terrible affliction of drug/alcohol addiction that now plagues our




Dear Mr. Zellis

Thank you for all your hard work in representing me.

Thanks for a great job.




Mr. Zellis took my standard your guilty and good luck proving your innocent charges and produced the exact results I was looking for. There was a lot of gray area in my case and Mr. Zellis used his legal experience and knowledge to sort through this bizarre area of the legal system and basically changed my life. He listened to me and understood my side and using his courtroom skills gave me the solid defense that I needed to prove my case to the court. Mr. Zellis meet me after hours as not to affect my work schedule and even went as far as to help me save some money in my legal fees. This has been a very traumatic experience in my life and all I can say is that Mr. Zellis really helped me through it, I would refer him to anyone. Thanks again

~David. -L-




My issue was only a traffic citation, but Dave went the extra mile for me. Because of his efforts, I didn't get any points against my license and I didn't have to travel several hundred miles to appear at the hearing. Dave was easy to talk to and I had great confidence in him. It was such a relief to know he was on my case, and I couldn't be happier with the result.





Dave made me feel more comfortable with legal proceedings that were a big disruption in my life. He got me the best realistic result I could ask for, and was great with connecting me to the right resources. He was very helpful with scheduling



This man is a miracle worker. He has helped me on many occasions and has somehow found a way to get rid of all my problems. He is a professional who takes time to get to know you as a person and your situation. I would HIGHLY recommend Dave as your lawyer!



I always felt that I was in the hands of the best lawyer who genuinely cared about me as well as my case. Highly recommend!!! Thank you.



Had numerous conversations prior to court date. Prior to hearing with Judge, Atty. worked out arrangement with police to everyone's satisfaction. I was pleased with his professionalism & resolution of the case.




Mr. Zellis was more than helpful in my court case. He kept me in high spirits and made everything he said he was going to do happen. I highly recommend hiring Mr. Zellis as your lawyer. He knows the law and knows how to take your case and make the best possible outcome happen from your situation.




In my opinion Dave went above and beyond his job. He spoke to me so I could understand. He has many years experience and I would not recommend anyone other than Dave Zellis.



David is the best lawyer that I could ever have. I've got in trouble so much in my life and 10 different Attorneys. This guy is the real deal. Nobody ever gave a damn about me like David Zellis. And he is completely affordable no BS. Thank you so much from David and Shayna



Dave was invaluable to us during a most difficult time. He actually came to our home as my husband was ill at the time we needed his services. As we shared our situation, he understood with compassion and advised us of our choices and workable solutions to resolve our problem. The results were more than we hoped for, and Dave alleviated all anxieties by informing us of his progress. Our case was resolved in a timely manner and he truly made justice prevail. We would not hesitate to recommend David Zellis's services to anyone in need. His experience proved invaluable to us. It is no wonder he is so highly respected within the legal profession. Thanks for all you have done for us and for this opportunity, Dave.

~Bill and Pat



David did not make any outrageous promises, and stated the facts and consequences clearly. He spoke in terms that were understandable considering the way that the laws are written. He advised me and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I was always able to reach him, and he always responded to my inquiries within a reasonable time frame. He did exactly what he said he was going to do; and I was completely satisfied with my legal outcome.




I worked with Dave when he was the Chief of the Grand Jury and he left to open his own law firm. My son got into trouble with drinking and driving and without a doubt called Dave and obtained him as his lawyer. He explained everything to us, told us what he was up against, what he should do and complete before the hearing, how much the fines would be, I could call him at night if I felt anxious, he would talk to me and reassure me it would be fine. I would only recommend Dave Zellis to anyone who faces criminal charges. Being that he was the Chief of the Grand Jury, he is very experienced and knowledgeable of the laws.




The township, county and state ganged up against me with a political agenda that seemed insurmountable. David partnered with me, listened and put together a clear defense knocking down the pillars of the case against me one by one. He left the judge with one option...Not guilty on all counts.



Obviously, with his experience, Mr. Zellis is extremely knowledgeable and well-respected. In addition, he is incredibly dedicated and trustworthy. He is truly respectful of and responsive to his clients. In addition to being an excellent attorney, Mr. Zellis is a very good person!

Dave did a good job in defending my son. He worked with him and was there when needed. I would certainly recommend him, if you are in need of a lawyer.





I was arrested and charged with D.U.I. after driving through a D.U.I. checkpoint. I felt I had been treated unjustly during the incident and wanted to fight the charges. So after digging around on the Internet and getting some suggested names from a colleague, I found Mr. Zellis and I'm very glad I did. Dave listened to my story and stayed completely unbiased even though I had a prior D.U.I./ARD from years ago. Together we built the case based on all the facts and Dave fought hard to prove that my constitutional rights had been violated. After filing a motion to suppress, the Judge ruled in my favor and all charges were dismissed with no appeal from the state!
Dave is a wonderful lawyer, well connected in the county, professional, courteous, highly skilled and, last but not least, an all around great guy. I would highly recommend his services to any friend in need!



My issue was only a traffic citation, but Dave went the extra mile for me. Because of his efforts, I didn't get any points against my license and I didn't have to travel several hundred miles to appear at the hearing. Dave was easy to talk to and I had great confidence in him. It was such a relief to know he was on my case, and I couldn't be happier with the




As they say; there is no second chance to make a first impression...and when I first walked into David's office I felt more and more confident as we spoke ,and it felt like while everybody are still looking this person already's found.. Truly, he did not have to proof his success or dominance, it was simply there.
When I got my first DUI charges I felt anxious and scared, anticipating upcoming events. As we know , a good lawyer would play critical role in resolving this. I received numerous letters from different attorneys , offering help, but decided to find one by references, because as many of us, could not effort to make a mistake. David W. Zellis was recommended to me by another attorney as a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer with a great reputation. It was enough for me to get things started.
To my surprise, David's office looked extremely simple, even old fashion but with all necessary technology present, however. If you can imagine a dental office with normal chairs, where doctors dressed casually and there is no specific smell of medicine, that's would be the closest comparison coming to my mind. That time and all other times I met with David, he was available right away and I did not have to wait in a lobby. Also, I do not recall speaking him on a cell phone, while conversing with me. When I was explaining to David in great details what happened, I suspected that he already knew all the answers and outcomes of this situation. He was patient and paid a lot of attention to what I said, even though I was emotional and could repeat facts twice or so. After my speech he carefully examined all the documents and introduced me to some key points of a legal system regulations in my case. David pointed out to all things , which needed to be done and accomplished on my behalf . I sensed that the way he presented all the laws and procedures, regarding this matterwas logical, understandable and justified. At some point I was somewhat great-full that sort of punishment finally came to me because we are believed to live in a society, which protects. The whole process of my recovery was sour-sweet ,or so to speak, and changed my attitude to the law. David"s personality and special care opened a new path to a legal system before me. I realized that the legal system is connected with our life so organically and naturally and if introduced correctly can be interpreted as a great supportive tool in every day life. Also, David was very supportive, by understanding how people in my situation might feel and even act, anticipating what might happen, by checking on me and reminding me what needs to be done over and over again.
To conclude, I can say that having this person in my life was a great and unique experience. David is an individual whose opinion you would want to know ,and in a difficult situation you would ask, what would this guy say about this??? I would highly recommend David as lawyer of a high caliber , having a self discipline and keeping his standards up all the time.




We wanted to take a brief moment to express our appreciation to you for the superb professional legal assistance that you provided to our son.  At a time when his options seemed inadequate, you gave all of us hope, level-setting our expectations and ultimately delivering a reasonable resolution.


You probably hear this a lot, but we were uncertain where to turn to.  With no previous experience to draw on that required the enlistment of a qualified defense attorney, we were reduced to scanning the yellow pages randomly.  We were fortunate to have been given a personal reference that led our son to your practice.  In retrospect, we have found you to have been everything as advertised and exceeding our experience.


We wish you a warm, safe and enjoyable holiday season.  And thank you once again for your invaluable assistance.


                                                                                    ~ DCM