Murder / Manslaughter / Homicide by vehicle Lawyers

There is a huge difference between murder and manslaughter. Murder can bring a long jail sentence; manslaughter could result in probation. Depending on the circumstances and the skill of a defense attorney, a murder charge may be reduced to manslaughter.

Dave Zellis has 26 years as a prosecutor and has handled some of the most notorious murder cases in the county's history. Dave has handled 21 homicide cases including homicide by vehicle cases and knows what it takes to defend you against such serious charges. ZELLIS LAW will fight hard for you, using every possible means to minimize jail sentences for you or to have the charges against you thrown out of court.

Crimes involving homicide are very complex, and can expose you or your loved one to the most severe punishments possible in the Pennsylvania penal system. In some murder cases, you can receive life in prison, or in the very worst case, even death.

At ZELLIS LAW, we know the murder and manslaughter defenses, sentencing guidelines, and alternative sentencing procedures which is vital in receiving the minimum sentence rather than the maximum. We have handled murder / manslaughter/ homicide by vehicle cases before, and we know the system in order to help you get the best possible outcome. In the event that you are being investigated or charged with homicide or homicide by vehicle, you will be facing one of the best prosecutors in the District Attorney's Office. Therefore you need an excellent attorney like Dave Zellis on your side.