David Zellis Is Your Juvenile Court Lawyer


As a parent, you have always tried to provide the best for your child. When you are suddenly and unexpectedly faced with your child being investigated or arrested, you may feel angry, frustrated and confused. A natural reaction is fear that your child may not have the future you dreamed about for him.  In the midst of all of this confusion and emotion, it is difficult to understand what has happened and what lies ahead for your child.

At ZELLIS LAW, we understand your feelings and we have the extensive experience within the Juvenile Justice System to ease your apprehension and concerns. During his 30 years in the criminal justice system. Dave Zellis has worked closely with the juvenile probation department. Dave has the knowledge and experience needed to bring your child's case to a successful conclusion.  He knows the law as well as the philosophy of the "Balanced and Restorative Justice" approach to juvenile crime, which focuses on community protection, accountability and competency development.

The Law and Juvenile Court

Juvenile Courts have their own special rules, language and procedures, and the process is very different than that of criminal courts for adults.  Juvenile offenses are called acts of "delinquency", whereas juveniles are adjudicated "delinquent", not found "guilty".  Although a delinquency adjudication is not a criminal conviction, for all intents and purposes, it is treated like one.

Sentencing is referred to as "disposition", and the court's intervention is intended to focus on treatment, rehabilitation and supervision to help the juvenile make positive changes in his life as a result of the delinquency.  Dispositions can range from diversionary programs, to probation, to residential placement at a court ordered facility.  Juvenile Court also has the jurisdiction to maintain supervision until a child's twenty-first birthday.

The juvenile justice system may seem confusing and each child’s experience is different depending on the charges and individual circumstances.  Whether your child is charged with a misdemeanor or felony, having an experienced attorney who understands the workings of the juvenile justice system is important to insure that your child receives the best possible advocacy so as to minimize the impact of juvenile court involvement.

If your child faces criminal charges it is serious.
The consequenses can be life-altering.
ZELLIS LAW has the knowledge, experience and reputation in juvenile court to get the best possible result for your loved one.

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